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We want to use the power of video to communicate a message and change the world!

Our Story

About Us

Our company structure.

Most production companies thrive on always saying "yes" to projects and creating many different types of videos. Parable is unique in that we are experts at creating story driven content. We say "no" a lot and make sure that Parable and Parable's clients are a perfect fit for one another. This results in telling stories that captivate audiences, for both current and perspective clients for your business. Story driven content connects with people on an emotional level and a logical level, unlike anything else. What's the best way to bring people into the conversation of a business? Tell a good story and see how that changes everything.

Parable Studio specializes in producing high-end cinematic videos that resemble cinema, story driven content. We do this through video because we believe it is the best way to communicate a message and the best way to bring your viewers along the journey with you. We are passionate about video production and passionate about telling stories!

How we serve our clients.

At Parable, we prefer working intimately with our clients so that we can produce the absolute best video content for them to grow their business and tell their story. This means getting immersed with each client to learn how their business functions, understand the problems they are experiencing and that they wish to overcome, listen to them through their previous struggles, and ultimately find a solution to solve that problem.

There are many different ways to create videos with production companies, but very few of them are going to sit down to listen to your challenges, needs, and frustrations, and walk with you through them to create a solution that best serves you and your clients. We will work with you to overcome these issues through high-end cinematic video production to allow you to discover extensive opportunities that can be used to grow your business.

Why Cinematography?

There is a big difference between a cinematographer and a videographer. Just here in Greenville, South Carolina, you will find a ton of videographers and a few cinematographers. In simplistic terms, a videographer captures a moment that is happening in real-time. On the other hand, a cinematographer creates the moment. Yes, both use video to tell a story, but the way that someone tells a story is just as important. A cinematographer uses their knowledge of cinema and storytelling to craft a powerful video from the ground up. What's the benefit of using a cinematographer over a videographer? Usually, a better story. The result between videos would be completely different. Our cinematic video would look more professional, standout in an overcrowded video market, change the way your company is viewed by potential customers, and it would also result in a more powerful and meaningful video.

Our Story


Why we're such fanatics about telling a story.

Parable Studio began with a passion to tell stories in order to provide a solution to our client's needs. At Parable, we believe that a good video is a video that tells a story, and those stories have the possibility to change the word, and we get the honor to be a part of that (how cool!). At the end of the day, every person knows what it feels like to experience an emotion and at the surface, stories are told to produce emotions. I truly believe that the best form of video marketing is a video marketing plan that includes real story telling. This means a video that has a character who is trying to overcome something and we as the viewer, get to embark on that journey with them.

Why Parable Studio was born.

There isn't a time in my life when I didn't love watching video content. This included movies, tv shows, documentaries, commercials, etc. However, I wasn't enjoying them for the reasons that most people do. I remember sitting in front of a tv and really examining what was happening on my screen at a much deeper level. Things like, how did that camera movement help communicate their message, how did the lighting help communicate what was going on, what about the sounds design, the color grade, set design, etc. I remember really analyzing the story that was being told and HOW it was being told.

As I grew older and video marketing became the thing to do, I remember watching video after video on social media and feeling like I just wasted 2 minutes of my life watching some video throwing out facts about a business. Nothing was drawing me into the conversation. I remember getting frustrated while talking with businesses who were defeated because their video and video marketing plan that they spent thousands of dollars on only made more noise in the market and didn't actually stand out. That was when Parable was born!

I set out on a mission to produce the highest quality videos that I could produce to help businesses and people understand that their story is important, and their story needs to be told. There are a lot of challenges that came with this mission, things like "well this other marketing company said that I need to produce an overview video where I just sit down and answer a bunch of random question and they could do it for $1,500." However, I knew that wasn't the best way for businesses or people that I care about and believe in need to spend their money. Parable was born to do things differently. To do video production for normal brands at the level of big brands. Parable was born with a passion to tell stories in order to see you succeed!

Our Story


We work with clients who are collaborative and enjoy a good story.

Here at Parable we work with many different types of businesses. Some are large, like NASCAR, and some are small, such as CommonPops. However, all of our clients have one thing in common, they are passionate about their mission and they all want that story to be told. They believe that video production, video marketing, and story telling is the best method to grow their business, build trust, and get others to believe in what they do.

Any business can benefit from more efficient marketing. The ideal client for us is the client that understands the power of video and understands that video marketing is the next step in their journey to be better communicators to their clients.